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Da Popa
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Da Popa [userpic]

Don Herbert, TV's 'Mr. Wizard,' Dies. :-(

Da Popa [userpic]

Found a site called CCG Workshop that offers free on-line versions of older CCGs (and some board games).

Here's the List of Games, but highlights include Mythos, ShadowFist, Babylon 5, Rage, Vampire: TES, and soon to be coming, my all-time favorite, Heresy!!!!!

I haven't had a chance to really test it out, but I did notice that the interface needs some major work, not all cards have the art scanned, and the lobby seems sparse (but it is past midnight on a worknight). On the plus side, though it says you have to pay for access to some games, all of the ones I saw* were free. Check it out!

*[EDIT:] Saw on the engine.

Da Popa [userpic]

Found a neat site with information on mythological figures/concepts & quite a bit of humor: GodChecker.com.

Da Popa [userpic]

Thought this might be interesting: When Worlds Collide: Gates and Jobs on the Same Stage.

Da Popa [userpic]

Somewhat old news, but just found out about it: German Board Games to appear on Xbox Live Arcade.

Xbox Live Arcade is also set to introduce the electronic versions of three of the top board games from Germany. “Settlers of Catan™,” “Carcassonne™” and “Alhambra™” are sure to be popular across continents.

• “Settlers of Catan.” This stunning take on one of the best-known board games around the globe will offer the whole family a chance to establish settlements on the island of Catan. [Released in May 2007]

• “Carcassonne.” Designed for two to five players, “Carcassonne” is set in a medieval landscape made up of 72 tiles. Players start from a single tile and then draw from a pool of remaining tiles to create a growing landscape and gain points for ultimate victory. [To be Released in June 2007]

• “Alhambra.” Expanded from the popular stock-market-themed game “Stimmt So!,” “Alhambra” provides an Arabian theme to the card-based game where players score points by drawing currency cards and building tiles to place next to their Alhambra.
Also found here that Puerto Rico & (as previously reported) Talisman will be added.

Da Popa [userpic]

Free computer virus finds willing victims

To clarify, this was not some experiment where people were asked to download a benign code to see how a virus might spread or something. Literally, people just saw an ad saying "Is your PC virus-free? Get it infected here!" and clicked on it.

Da Popa [userpic]

Town Fires 4 Employees for Gossiping about Boss.

(Legal Definitions of Slander & Freedom of Speech in the US)

Da Popa [userpic]

Just discovered a neat blog: The Random Gnomes' Random Lair. It covers all sorts of games, including freebies; Kinda Cool.

I'm sure most people know about this one already, but Board Game Geek is a great place to find info on games, including alternate rules & helpful game printouts/summaries.

Da Popa [userpic]

Capcom to take on Talisman!

I've always had a soft spot for the Talisman board game series (links: Board Game Geek, Wikipedia) ever since I played it at WPI's Gaming Weekend, and was really psyched when I snagged a copy years ago.

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Da Popa [userpic]

Unreal... Publication Ceasing of DRAGON and DUNGEON.

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