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Da Popa
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June 2007
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Da Popa [userpic]
No More D&D Mags

Unreal... Publication Ceasing of DRAGON and DUNGEON.

Current Mood: crushedcrushed

Doesn't seem like they're ceasing, just going online.

Kinda; WotC mentions what subscribers can do, but none of the options are for the on-line version (and no details of what this version will be are given).

In any event, even if everything is kept "as is" but just digital, I'm still very unhappy. I'm not going to be able to pull up my desktop next to the bed/couch, or bring it with me on trips, you know? Until this form of media is as portable and readable in the digital as it is in print, I will be against it being the only option.

Now, when are those digital "roll-out" screens coming? Those would make kick-ass books!