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Da Popa
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June 2007
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Da Popa [userpic]
Free On-Line CCG's

Found a site called CCG Workshop that offers free on-line versions of older CCGs (and some board games).

Here's the List of Games, but highlights include Mythos, ShadowFist, Babylon 5, Rage, Vampire: TES, and soon to be coming, my all-time favorite, Heresy!!!!!

I haven't had a chance to really test it out, but I did notice that the interface needs some major work, not all cards have the art scanned, and the lobby seems sparse (but it is past midnight on a worknight). On the plus side, though it says you have to pay for access to some games, all of the ones I saw* were free. Check it out!

*[EDIT:] Saw on the engine.

re: free

depends on your definition of "free". You have to pay for Vampire.

Re: free

Hmm... weird. All the games that come up when I load the engine are free... but, I just noticed, that V: TES is not one of the games that pops up.

Thanks for pointing it out... now I wonder how to access those that require $; I thought the engine would at least display them.

Thanks again.