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Da Popa
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Da Popa [userpic]

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I won't say I'm quitting LJ; I will probably still use it to announce get-togethers and I will probably still mention big events in my life. I will also use it to keep up with important things going on with RL friends (especially those overseas). However, as for "journally" stuff, I don't really see myself continuing this anymore. So though it's not technically a "good-bye", I wish everyone here the best.

Da Popa [userpic]

My ex-co-working night nurse sent me this animated brief: Cubism.

Da Popa [userpic]

Despite my best efforts at Google-Fu, I am unable to find the following:

  • A New England Revolution desktop wallpaper that features the team logo (not pics of team members);
  • An on-line radio station that specializes in Shibuya-Kei
If anyone wishes to test their web-searching mettle (or already knows where to find them), please pass along your findings, as that'd be Quite Cool and much appreciated. Thanks.

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Da Popa [userpic]

This picture shows you're never too young to enjoy soccer and support your team. ;-)

Da Popa [userpic]

The New England Revolution have managed to make it to the MLS Cup for the second year in a row, and will be facing the Houston Dynamo this Sunday at 3:30 on ABC. This will be the Rev's third time there, and the first time they won't be facing the L.A. Galaxy (who the Revs lost to both times).


Add: Ugh, lost in PK's! Finally scored in 2nd OT, and Dynamo immediately (like, in under 30 seconds) equalized, sending it into PK's. Revs 0 for 3 in Finals.

Da Popa [userpic]

One of the sites I used to get my low-req PC games from is Reflexive Arcade. Until 15-Nov, they're having a free giveaway of one of their games, Ricochet Xtreme (it's like an updated Breakout).

I've been signed up with them for over a year, and haven't gotten any spam, so I wouldn't be worried about registering to get the game.

Da Popa [userpic]

I had Jury Duty this past Wednesday & Thursday. Long story short, it wasn't nearly as bad as I imagined, and the case was pretty easy.

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Best Moment: During Sentencing, the Def. Lawyer started to go into a "She has two Master's Degrees, used to be a Principal, works full-time..." routine. After the lawyer started to repeat himself, the Judge cut him off and said, "I'm sure she's a fine, outstanding person, when sober, but when she drank and got on the road, she, and all of us, were lucky that she didn't kill anyone." It was nice to have the, "She's educated and works, therefore she can't be bad!" argument shot down.

Lesson to All: When you have no case, friggin' settle! ;-)

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Da Popa [userpic]

So I ended up planning a whole "grown-up"-type day for my friends that everyone really liked yesterday.

First, we went back to went to the Taylor Brooke Winery in Woodstock, CT with wife, parents, pacingincircles, El Medico & his fiancee, and the Clinical Coordinator I used to work with (and that plays soccer with us). pacingincircles, El Medico & his fiancee, have much more refined palates for wine then I do, and they seemed to be pleasantly surprised by the wines.

Then, Suckily, pacingincircles got called away by his job (yeah, in the middle of a Saturday afternoon), so the remaining friends & I went to Worcester to eat at The Flying Rhino; it was a favorite of mine & my wife's when we lived in the area. It was probably the first "fusion" style place I ever ate at. Everyone loved it and, in a weird coincidence, yesterday was 11 years (almost to the day) after I first met El Medico and took him and some friends to Mac's Diner right down the street; he says the years have significantly improved my ability to make plans. =)

After, we went to Wholly Cannoli to pick up some dessert (my wife has been craving to go since we see it advertised on Phantom Gourmet every week). El Medico then took us back to the area & dropped off my former supervisor before bringing us to see Man of the Year.

Great day.

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Da Popa [userpic]

I was really excited about the game Cooking Mama coming out for the DS. I was hoping it would be an update of a quirky favorite of mine, Ore no Ryori (I got a demo of this Japanese PS1 game years ago from lupus_garou).

The problem with Cooking Mama? Well whereas Ore no Ryori had you multi-tasking (trying to serve several different dishes to many impatient customers while managing the occasional chore or crisis), Cooking Mama just has you making one dish at a time, and even that is broken into multiple steps. What should have been a frantic, WarioWare-like game turned into a very slow-paced, methodical, and repetitive flop.

*Sigh*... here's hoping for a true sequel.

Da Popa [userpic]

Urban Dead update: my character worked hard to master Free Running because everyone has been over-barricading, thus denying access to supplies or reliable safe-houses.

With it, I made it down to Barrville, but extracting DNA for XP seems to dangerous as many zombies in the area have Scent Trail. Currently searching libraries for books to read. I plan on gaining Lab Experience so I can make use of Revivification Syringes to help revive humans (and gain mad XP).

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